Thursday, October 8, 2009

Tick Tock

Oh, The letter:
offer, invitation, albatross, catch 22
The gravity of my response feels crippling.

I believe I will pay if I honor my boundary.  I know I will pay if I don't.
Time is ticking.
I am immobilized.


  1. Perhaps you could just send a note letting her know that you are not unresponsive you just do not have the words yet. So she is not left hanging.

  2. I agree with Unknown Mami. That is good advice. Just let them know you are thinking it over (which gives them peace of mind and also lets them know you care enough to actually think about it). Good luck. Remember, the only one who feels the pain and anger is you (unless you're savvy enough to give it back in spades.)

  3. I am with unknown mami. People really just want to know that you are really thinking of them and they are not forgotten. As long as you get to it when the time is right and it is from the heart you will be fine and you will have done the right thing by responding and being true to yourself and your feelings.

  4. Thanks so much. Just knowing you are there taking the time to read and respond is huge. I did it. I wrote a brief note to say I needed time and look forward to figuring it all out.

    Giant Exhale. nice


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