Sunday, October 11, 2009

No longer waiting to exhale

If my printer acts agreeably, I will drop this in the mail first thing tomorrow.  Then, maybe I will stop holding my breath.

Dear Mom,
I wanted to let you know that I have received your letter and am giving it great thought.   I apologize for letting so much time pass without response.  I appreciate your warm sentiments and believe there is hope and time to do better and more. 
I respect your wisdom and compassion for acknowledging that, (while you speculate/suggest that Jilan shares your sentiments), you can not speak on her behalf.  She is welcome to contact me whenever she chooses.  And from there she and I shall go forth.
I continue to ruminate over your letter and hope to put forth a commitment and plan in the coming weeks.
Love you,

PS~  I have been unable to print, order and ship photos and that too, is something I think of daily.   Soon.  Soon.


  1. Nice work...I could hear your good intentions in your words and hope she can too!

  2. ugh. just re-read. totally awkward. i used the word "forth" 2 times. might as well throw in a fortnight as well. gross. thanks everyone


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