Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Letter

The 3am and 4 am wake up calls that begin my days render me near brain dead, as is evident by the quality and frequency of recent posts.  My energy is given to playing, feeding, comforting and providing entirely  for my boys.  The house is a mess and bills remain unpaid (and my husband un-laid).  TMI but true and unfortunate as he is doing everything I could ask.

Worst of all, I feel completely unable to even contemplate a response to my mother who wrote me the most compelling letter more than a week ago.  If only she could know that it is at the top of the list of things that are important after those of daily survival.  She deserves something more than a long wait for quite possibly words that will be all wrong.  Continuing to weigh on me, this contributes to a tiredness of my soul.  If only I could get this monkey off my back.  Beginning before the sun comes up gives me too many hours to worry about it and not enough energy to handle this matter well.

I had hoped to attempt a stab at a second draft response this morning.  I find myself too un-rested and just stuck, for lack of a better word.  Anyone?  Please feel free to draft something and submit it in the form of a comment or an email, even though you don't know the whole story.   Help? I need a jump start.  (Click here to read the basics of my dilemma)


  1. You will do it when you are able. That is all you can do. Hang in there.

  2. Thanks for the encouraging emails and jump starts. I wish it were less difficult to leave comments for those not google or blogger members.Still too tired to even seriously consider typing even exact copies of some of your fine words. Thanks friends.


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