Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Super Circles

I wished I had been of the mind to take pictures of the significant and symbolic circles that characterized our Lake Topaz experience(in addition to the exhaustion,of course). I'll attempt to explain. Daily I remarked in awe at the configuration of families, that was our village for this memorable week.
The outer perimeter, like a mote: a circle of 9 tents, 6 motorhomes and trailers that housed the 15 adults and 19 children(ranging in age from 4 months to 20). Next were all of our easy ups for the much needed shade. Inside the circle of easyups were the vibrantly covered picnic tables where we ate altogether nightly. The tables enclosed the circle of colorful lounge chairs surrounding the fire pit. Feelings of safety,belonging, and connection were continuous. Families and friends working, playing, and eating together. Honestly, it is unlike anything I have previously experienced. I feel overwhelmed with emotion when I realize how fortunate we are to have these families to vacation and share holidays with. What a gift , especially to our (for the most part) cousinless boys. I am fondly and proudly recalling my coining of the game "1,2,3...STEALING" which was enjoyed by all; big and small. It began as a game of Frisbee in the park adjacent to our site. We were enjoying a giant orange hoopy cloth covered Frisbee(that we found) that was easy to catch and throw. Anyway, with so many little ones who wanted to simply hold the Frisbee rather than pass it, I implemented a rule: If after the count of 3 you are still holding the Frisbee, someone can steal it from you. While approaching like smiling but circling sharks we would all sing/chant loudly together: "1,2,3...STEALING!" as we surrounded the frisbee holder. The stealing aspect did get a little out of control, and everyone just laughed and played until dark. I hope we remember to play again next year.

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