Wednesday, August 19, 2009

IN Sensitivity

People have inquired why I began my blog(my initial posts) as I did, exposing my dark spots for anyone who had not yet seen. I guess I wanted to preface everything I write with a note about how my perceptions came to be. I am extremely sensitive(likely caused or worsened by early experiences). This is not to imply that I am always kind or fair but none the less, I upset easily(and I apologize easily as well,when given the chance). As I scroll through my history of hurt feelings, I see that I often surrounded myself with people who lack the ability to acknowledge that: Feelings exist and shouldn't be disputed, even when they are not shared or are difficult to understand. You don't have to actually experience another's feelings to give respect to them. Do you? I am utterly confused and, I guess, intolerant of people who, when presented with anything along the lines of "That bummed me out when you said or did X.", can only respond with, "I was only joking." or "Quit being so sensitive." or even worse..."Yeah...well you hurt my feelings when_____________"....OH and lets give due credit to the enlightened phrase: "Lighten up!" that always works wonders. What happened to "Oh. I am sorry if my words/actions hurt you."? I am so very proud to live in a house where even my 2 year old instinctively apologizes to the dogs and his baby brother if he sees them in distress. I don't in any way think he is assuming responsibility for the distress, so much as demonstrating empathy. Is it possible that he is already more evolved than many adults? It seems as though he is. You rock little stud!!XO


  1. I despise that "I was only joking" thing. Totally irritates me. I'm with you on this. Why is it so hard to just apologize?

  2. Seriously, if you make a "funny" and it upsets someone, than its not funny. Making people feel threatened and then defending it in any way is pretty gross.


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