Sunday, August 23, 2009

Happy Birthday

Our Ernie has completed his first year and his rate of change is breathtaking. I regularly feel put upon because the little guys need so much and I admit there are moments when I want to fast forward to a day when they can do more for themselves. But then I recognize a sadness for all that I would miss. Although I tire from always carrying someone, it often feels like a dream: When Ernie sits on my hip like a baby Koala clinging to its tree and......... When he and Bert light up and crack up for one another, Smiling at the great number of sounds and faces and gestures Ernie uses to communicate with us, As I wrestle him to his back for EVERY diaper change and then gobble his belly and hamhock thighs, As I indulge his commitment to not holding the bottle for himself, As I ogle Ernie's chunky little fingers moving in mechanical fashion to grasp peas and cheerios, the way elephants use those little fingery things on their trunks to clutch peanuts before shoving them in to their open mouths. ( I love elephants too.but in a different lesser way) I dedicate this post to my little guy at the end of his first year. Keep up the great work superstar. My love for my boys is overwhelming and caring for them in all ways is the greatest privilege and achievement I will ever know. I wonder at what age they could do something that might unleash a need to judge or criticize. I honestly cannot imagine such a day. PS Ernie(Boy,am I desperate to use your real name)~Some additional noteworthy and lovable attributes:
  • the intoxicating smell and feel of your skin,especially the back of your neck. YUM
  • the face you make when you clap your chunky little meat paws
  • your tough to resist attempts to initiate play when we lay you down to sleep
  • your almost expert precision when poking your wiener tip every chance you get (Now, aren't you glad I protected your real identity.)

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