Sunday, August 23, 2009

Can't we just get along?

I cant help but note when observably offbeat types confuse themselves for being open minded, accepting of those who are different. These non-mainstream types, either by choice or predisposition, distinguish themselves in appearance and/or belief. What they neglect is their shared intolerance for the mainstreamers. As the politics heat up between said conservatives and liberals, my interest in what separates us(Americans) is peaked. I found this definition in wikipedia( in support of my apparent campaign against the faux- open minded. My definition of open minded would suggest that you can be true to one set of values and still give respect to another. I actually know people like this!!! I do not imply that I am open-minded, uncritical, or mainstream. Because that would falsely indicate my sense of belonging to one of these groups. It is significant to mention that I am incredibly open minded and receptive to anything which doesn't make me too uncomfortable.

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