Monday, August 24, 2009

What should we NOT have for dinner tonight?

The following rotation of wannabe mediocre meals have necessitated ritual dialog to determine which "meal" seems most sufferable. These non feasts sometimes include once fresh salad and vegetables. For, it is only after our produce has reached the the brink of expiration that it becomes essential to wash,prepare, and consume these single ingredient items. Below is a list of the unsavory and worn out selections:
  • tacos
  • frozen pizza
  • Costco rotisserie chicken(chef's personal favorite)
  • poached salmon
  • shake and bake pork chops
  • steamed shrimp
  • steak
  • pasta
M: What should we have for dinner? A: Not Costco chicken M: Tacos or Shake and Bake? A: Both too salty (due to sodium issues not preferences) M: Poached salmon A: Fine M&A in unison: pained sigh

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