Thursday, June 10, 2010

Mind-Numbing Days, I Mean Daze

With no end to my boredom and apathy, I have nothing of matter to say.  Except for a few tips for a soul deadening lifestyle, in case marital strife and confinement with toddlers are not enough to do you in. 
But I had to share this cool site for generating graphs. I hope you will find a more inspired and entertaining use for graphing.  If so, please let me know.
WTF on the errant green square to the side of my data? 


  1. You do realize that I can't even master google docs, right? This is way beyond me! It's pretty though! ;)

  2. BV~i had not even heard of google docs, so i win.

    HP~That is what he said!

  3. Thats is so funny I totally need to make my crazy graph. Ex-investment banker over here....graphs were once like my life. See how much my life sucked huh? Graphs or poop? You have combined them!

    I have missed you! Somehow you moved off my reader. I have put you back and named you starting with an A so you are at the very beginning my dear. There is NO escaping me now!

    p.s. you could fly cross country and totally not see family and just see me and the cutest baby that isn't yours....I'm just sayin'

  4. Graphic posts should come with a warning.

  5. Oh ... I think this is kind of fun to play around with. Too bad you didn't have better material to graph! :(


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