Thursday, June 17, 2010

Adios Amigo

My unfortunate and shortsighted desire for friends and husband to read and support my blog came at the expense of the freedom to share my true concerns and greatest struggles. Then, in my pursuit for readers i followed some, with whom I lost pace and sometimes interest.   I lost my way, my motivation, my laugh, my mind....worst of all, a voice of my own.

Fatigued from our relationship/my blogger persona, it is right that we part ways.  It is not you.  It is me.  Clearly.  Although our connection was unique, I know only to offer my standard parting phrase:  "I do not like who I am in this relationship." But seriously,  that is fair.  Right?
As for the friends we have made along the way, we can split them 50/50. OK 60 you/40 me. With those whom I've developed more open and genuine connections, I shall continue. And you, keep the rest. Thank You Ijonc and Followers.  I am grateful for our journey of nearly one year.

The abundance of issues in need of exploitation exploration and perhaps mocking are better left to a faceless and shnameless interwebz entity. Goin' undercover, before I actually disappear.   Gotta run.
What?  I'm Just Sayin...

Yours Truly (If only I had been...)

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