Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Today, while struggling to hook my bra big girl style :  as I aim to move away from strapping it around my waist to hook and hoist, I mourned the loss of days past. Fumbling with bras,belts and zippers, laughing, wanting...and sometimes even waiting.

It has not been so long a time that I have forgotten moments of fooling around, thinking,  "I will die if you don't tear my bra and undies off already and touch me all over".  I miss wanting to make out and be touched.  What is the likelihood for a non-drinking, non drug-using female to be aroused by a person with whom she shares near constant frustration and unresolved conflict?  Just curious.  But seriously...

And how about hickeys...hickeys rocked: getting, giving, flaunting, hiding......


  1. It's pretty tough some times to put away the exhaustion, frustration and dissapointment that often accompanies being married and raising a family. I know! Sometimes just talking about our crazy dating days helps. And sometimes you just have to grit your teeth and head in to battle. I know that's probably the most unromantic notion ever, but often after I say yes, thinking "I'm soooo not in the mood", I find myself in the mood after all. Hang tough girl.


  2. I am pretty lucky....I have been dating the same girl for two years and things are great. I even had a hickey not that long ago..but, that being said, I have been in your position. I feel you. Not like that, it could have unintended consequences.

  3. Wait, all this time I've been putting my bra on wrong? Summabitch. Might as well have on pull-ups instead of panties. Tonight I'll have my wine in a sippy cup.

  4. I guess you gotta keep trying. You know arousal begets more arousal, no action begets no action.

  5. Oh, I remember the days of aching loins. Sigh.

  6. Dear, you put words in my mouth. Or you took words out of my foggy head and put them on my screen. How did you do that? BUT I do need to confess that I've never ever got a hickey in my life. Perhaps I've never lived. *sigh*


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