Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Our groomer has offered to help me find a better  place for King Simon.  Below is my letter to the heroic and selfless animal rescuers who will make it their mission to place him in more loving and able hands.

I crowned him King 8 years ago when I adopted him and vowed to be his faithful and final servant. He had 2 or 3 previous owners, terrible allergies and a few surgeries to have his skull mended, his eye replaced…and then again removed. He helped me to buy my first home where he tested the carpets to see if his allergies would permit. He faithfully escorted me down the aisle when I got married to a man who not so secretly disliked him. He sat with me day and night when I was sick for 18 months and unable to walk or play with him as he was once accustomed. He welcomed both of our sons into the world and our home. Even though the arrival of little ones would mean less attention and care along with erratic grooming and feeding times and regular relocation of his food and water bowls. He is a lap dog and I am sad to say my lap is full now. I hope somebody with the patience and commitment to his comfort will rescue him from daily neglect and shunning that is his life now. I am crying as I write this. I cannot have my boys witness this sort of treatment for an animal and think it ok. He may have Cushings Disease but has not been formally assessed and diagnosed or he may just be deranged from loneliness and confusion over the banishment and dismissal from the one who named him King and worried that after having children, I might find myself unable to love them as much as I do(did) him. This is heart breaking and humiliating, a tremendous failure of mine. I am no longer worthy but he is. Please help him find the love and care he deserves and needs. He is playful and gentle and so darn cute. He will sit in your lap for hours and sleep nightly by your side if you like.


  1. Aw, Mags, this is so sad. Seriously, I'm in tears. It's obvious you still love the little guy. And you are doing what's best for him by finding him a loving home with someone who has the time to devote to him. I would offer but I'm seriously allergic to dogs. And my cats would probably disown me. I'm pretty sure they are convinced they don't get enough of my time as it is. Someone will step up to the plate and give this guy a good home though.


  2. I don't understand - you still love him isn't his best place with you? My cat had to take a backseat when we had kids too but there's still enough love to go around... are you sure?

  3. A failure would do nothing about it and let him you seem to think he is. Dogs are adaptable.

    I hope you find him a good home..but don't feel bad if you think it is best for him then it is.


  4. Oh mags I don't want you to be so sad! If you really think that is best for King then it is the right thing to do! Spot is right it is so obviuos that you love him! I was just coming over here to say miss you and love you...guess it was good timing. Here if you need to chat!


  5. Sending King Simon love and good wishes.

  6. Oh, my darlin.... my heart breaks for you. You are such an amazing, loving woman... what a brave decision you are making. DO NOT beat yourself up about it at all!! Seriously, I think what you are doing is admirable. I truly do.

    I used to vounteer at the local shelter, and we once had a lady bring a dog in because she got a new couch, and the dog didn't match the colour. NOT EVEN KIDDING!!!

    THAT was heartless. YOUR decision is NOT. If I could, I would scoop up your little King in a heartbeat. I wonder how he would do on the plane ride up here, or maybe... I would have to come THERE and scoop him up.

    Either way, I have no doubt that you will find him a loving home equal to the one you have already given him all these years.

    I LOVE you, my friend.
    You are doing the right thing for everyone involved. (I have done the same thing myself, but that's another story for another day)

    ((hugs to you))

  7. Sometimes kind souls pass in and out of our lives - only as long as we need them. Maybe Simon is headed to someone that really needs him right now. Maybe what you're doing is an even greater kindness than you can know. In fact, I bet it is. You're magic like that.


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