Monday, December 28, 2009

Losin' It. Lost it

5a.m.  Daily kick off with morning cocktail of birth control and my 3000mg Zoloft:  Tablets in  hand.  Head back, mouth open, armed with morning coffee, I aim.  I pitch.  Gaaah.   Despite my sensing that only one of the tablets connected with my tongue I reflexively swallow without necessary investigation. The errant pellet simultaneously confirms its liberation with a dainty click to the kitchen floor.   As I stoop to scour for the ?Rx, the mystery pill  is nabbed by pain-in-my-ass-ever-attending-my- heels-King Simon.... just like that. 
That is just fucking terrific.
What would you do? 
a) Ingest another of each (knowing that surplus of either chemical does not make for a bonus effect)
b) Attempt to replicate clicking sound by throwing one of each Rx at floor and guessing which bore an approximate sound match.
c) Wrangle the material into blog while continuing not having sex with super sexy husband; sustaining  marital tension along with highly prized state of non-pregnancy.


  1. Hmmmmmmm...tough one. I'd just forgo sex. But that is just me.

  2. Yup, I'm with Jenners on that one... forgo sex... Pretend to fall asleep in front of the TV if necessary to avoid temptation.

  3. Sheesh avoid sex. Avoid sex and again avoid sex. Sorry I can't even imagine sex right now. Or more meds...could be fun? xoxo Brittany

  4. I'm thinking you take one more of each! Extra zoloft can't be bad - and then since you'll be so happy from the zoloft, you should have sex twice :)

  5. Well, if you take more Zoloft and it decreases your sex drive you're golden and you can still blog about it.

  6. One word. Oral. The end.

    ...and they all lived happily ever after.

  7. ROTFLMAO!!! Avoiding sex seems like the most reasonable answer. But I do really like Steph's answer... ;)

  8. OMG..... I am choking, I'm laughing so hard right now. Holy shit girl, that's hysterical.

    Not sure what I would do. Probably forgo the sex. . . but hey, I'm single and haven't had ANY for a while. So, don't listen to me.

    Also, having been on zoloft for years as well, I do not recommend doubling the dose. Done that ~ not so good feeling in the head.

    So, I guess .... "Oral" might be the way to go. LOL

  9. If you listen to Elly Lou, your loss would be your husb's gain. I am not sure what that will do to the delicate equilibrium you have so carefully wrought in your marriage... I also realized that this happened in December, so I am going to guess that you are either pregnant, or you had a lousy day. Or both. Can't wait to find out.


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