Sunday, December 27, 2009


Lately, I find myself seeking any occasion to uni-task.  When using the toilet bathroom,  I am planning menus, budgets, and wardrobes.... while also playing with a baby or petting our unfortunate dog, trimming my scaly & cloven hooves with a misappropriated implement, OR wiping down the sink.  AND, if not for stop lights, when would I "wash my face"(with the barely moist recycled baby wipe), pluck my eyebrows, file my nails, apply mascara and lip balm?
PLEASE NOTE:  In real life, I don't think I use the word "toilet"(unless in reference to not cleaning it.)  I needed to clearly indicate the extent of my multitasking dilemma.
As I was trying to say.........My near constant state of mentally managing shallow and repetitive tasks perpetuates my fatigue and dis-satisfaction.  However, now acquainted with the term "uni-tasking", I intend to do more of it.
Uh-oh, gotta go:  Phone ringing, 1 baby crying, 1 poopy diaper, unpaid bills, unwalked dog, uncooked dinner, unshaved beaver, un-sexed husband.

Great is my need to sit and listen to the Eagles song Learn To Be Still

Occasionally, when playing with my (little)boys I set a timer and commit to thinking only of whatever it is that we are doing, until I am released by the beep, that I find otherwise vexing. It is near impossible for me to naturally remain present even in times of fun.
Here is what AJ Jacobs has to say of multi/uni-tasking, "I’ve come to believe multitasking isn’t just a minor problem, it’s the Eleventh plague."   The Guinea Pig Diaries:  What a fun and equally thought provoking book. Clever, genuine, and self deprecating AJ Jacobs will make you laugh as much as think if you are able and allowed settle down and read between blog hopping, twittering, Facebooking, and texting. Oh...and raising children.


  1. I think I missed something important in there while I was finishing up a phone call. The time probably wouldn't end well for me as I'd forget why it was dinging and try and take something out of the oven. Sigh.

  2. What good thoughts. I know if I spend just one hour every day really playing with my kids and really paying attention it seems to make the whole day better and then I don't feel guilty for ignoring them the rest of the day :)

  3. I suffer from the same illness. I have trouble walking through the house without picking up anything. Always multitasking. At least inside my head. I cannot seem to focus when I am spending time with my kids, then of course I feel guilty. I may have to check out the book. Great post!


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