Wednesday, December 30, 2009

From Me with Love

Today is ripe for ripping off someone else's blog in place of writing one of lesser quality myself.
Benevolent, hilarious, and gifted in his ability to drop the infrequent and invaluable f-bomb, you can't help but smile while reading this blog.  I am ecstatic to have discovered and robbed this gem for you.  Merry Christmas.  Please accept this belated gift.  You can thank me later.

Click here or here to open your gift.  If you do not laugh...a lot:  there may be something wrong with you.


  1. Oh wow... what a great blog.
    Thanks for sharing. I'll be sure to follow along with him as well. Love those book shelves!!! I need me a wife like that ... bahahahahahha

    I heart you, I chinook you!!!

  2. Thanks for the link and the compliment. Your comments were funny to read.

  3. I just found him yesterday, too! He's going to hate me when I steal his wife and her mad carpentry skills away from him.

  4. And a happy new year to you.

    I like the new fish icon. It's very you

  5. Michelle~ I totally need a wife!!Will you marry me?

    Can't wait to get back to your blog, William.

    Elly Lou, I found him on TheBlogess. You?

    UG~why is my fish soooo me? I think it is, but that is only b/c I know me and it has nothing to do with a love of or likeness to fish.


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