Sunday, December 20, 2009

Additional Time/Space Saving and Self Esteem Building Tips

Reaching to new lows here today.  With very little space, we have become unwitting hosts to the debilitating disease of stacking.  With the recent purchases of holiday gift items for the boys and nowhere reasonable to hide them, we  placed balanced them on top of my husband's motor cycle. We obscured them from sight with a (stained shop) brilliant as it is attractive. Right?  And it could qualify as resourceful, when  done only once.
But moments ago, in need of a home place for a few picture frames(to become Christmas gifts, still awaiting pictures and now expedited cross country shipping .  Think they will arrive in time?) I carefully fixed the frames atop the already teetering and cleverly camouflaged gifts.

To both my amusement and horror, I actually said these words to Andy as he scratched his head scanning for a cleared surface for his Lowes purchases, :  "Just throw another towel on top and add a layer.  Why not?".
Maybe because it is unhealthy and just plain gross.   Who does this?  (I know,  I know only a fucktard, that is who.)  When did towels become shelves?  As a first grade teacher with no filing cabinet, my favorite response anyone asking "Where should I put this":  "Any flat surface will do."
Apparently, I have dropped my standards to include even highly irregular surfaces.

I was entertained cheered motivated by this ridiculous article while searching pics online. 
Woman Suffocates Under Piles Of Clutter In Home
Rose's husband believes she fell while looking for the phone in the house this week and suffocated. There were so many piles of items that the man did not realize she was dead in the to continue reading


  1. I thought the article was a wind-up. Actually a large part of me still does. Bonkers. Good though

  2. Wait...stacking is bad? Remind me to never ever show you a photo of my desk. I was thinking that whole towel in between layers thing sounds down right refined!

  3. Sorry UG
    Elly, you are my hero!

  4. My husband is a stacker, piler, pack name it. Makes me insane. And that news article was funny. Oops, I mean sad. :)

    Happy Holidays to you.

  5. At least you try to category the piles of stuff with the towels aka dividers. That is brilliant. You should submit your idea to "Simple" magazine. They love these ideas.

  6. brilliant or gross. whichever. it is true that my need to compartmentalize is greater than most. your positive and flattering comments and spin are what is brilliant.


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