Friday, December 18, 2009

Phony Phriday: Envornmentalist or Communist?

(... Here I am few hours later(since posting this), returning  to find for myself, the unintentional  mis-spelling in  the title.  You bastards couldn't even point that out for me? I know you all are in some soooper secret chat-room for all the cool bloggers talking about  FT wanna bee real bloggers.)  I forgive you.  The question is whether Honeypie will forgive me for trashing  her name while trying to latch onto her coattails.  Very embarrassing and yet true to form.  Further justification  to support the call for autoblogger.

I have dedicated Fridays as my official day to  rip off showcase other blogger's posts.  Regarding the care of our planet, nobody says it better than Honeypiehorse:

Meet Honeypie, if you have not already.  You can thank me later.

Earth to Brain

This post will probably offend some people but I need to get this off my chest.

The environment is a big topic, which means no one can predict exactly what will happen. There are several schools of thought and each does their best to discredit the others.

Common sense dictates that whether or not you believe global warming is caused by CO2 emissions or by natural planetary evolution, the fact is that there are a heck of a lot of people on this planet using up resources and causing pollution and that's a problem.

Can we at least agree on that?

And yet, I find otherwise rational people making the most far-fetched arguments against there being any sort of problem at all. Key words seem to be communism, conspiracy and Al Gore.

A summary of the key defense against global warming being true:

'Al Gore lives in a nice house. Therefore he is an evil capitalist lying about global warming to make money. The global warming message is a Communist plot. Therefore Al Gore is a Communist.* Communists lie. Therefore global warming is a lie.'

*Maybe he's a Communist during the week and an evil capitalist on weekends.

Feel free to leave a comment disagreeing with me but please don't use the C word.

I mean, Communism.


  1. as soon as i read that this post may offend some, i knew i would appreciate it. along with the threat of the c-word, of course.

  2. I live in England. I want global warming.

  3. Your dog's picture makes me so happy. I had a lovely one-eyed dog, so I have a soft spot for cyclops puppies.

  4. and regarding wanna bee, they (the FTs) declared is actually 2 words now.

  5. sara,
    glad seeing him makes you feel good. i am not kidding when i say he is my least favorite follower. i emailed you details in case came off as if i treasure him.

  6. Frakkin' hilarious! I can tell we are all gonna be fast friend. wOOt! *clink clink* to Honeypiehorse!

  7. Funny, I'm linking to the same post on Monday.

  8. That was a great post. And...

    TRU DAT!!!!!

    When they equated Nazis with Communists, the other side just completely lost me.

  9. You rock ! Thanks for your comment, it's sucks, but it's so true, and it made me laugh !

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