Monday, November 2, 2009

The End of the World

For the last few weeks, I am void of thoughts worthy of blogging or even live conversation.  Alas, my friend Gabi is managing the backlash of a nasty breakup (offering me at least some topic of conversation and new thoughts). While humiliation and distress prevent her from detailing the gore to friends,  she would like for them to know what has happened.

As witness to the events, I haven been given the honor of writing an obituary for the death of this relationship.  I found this image of a tombstone marking the End of the World.  A perfect representation of how we are impacted by the betrayal by someone we love and trust.

I am so sorry for you Gabi.  I hope to give humor, compassion, and respect to an obit worthy of sharing with your peeps. Tomorrow.  With the condition that, tonight, I will be allowed to sleep past 3 am.
Still too tired. xoxox

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  1. Sending Gabi some positive thoughts. Lean on your friends Gabi. You are still you even though it might feel like there is nothing left.


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