Monday, October 26, 2009

Tripping Out

Straight Line:  The shortest distance between two points. I dare you to effectively maneuver through our minuscule house.  Do this, moving a maximum of 3 objects out of your way, while carrying an armful of something.   Traverse in one steady direction without tripping or dropping part of your load.   I dare you.  King Simon will be circling nervously at your feet, pathetic and hoping for a walk or some love. Little people will be following evvvvver-sooooo-sloooooowleeeee from in front(of you, yes following from in front) and the labyrinth of toys might present a facade of access to your path.  Good luck.  

Who am I to complain about the effects of having 2 healthy boys,  a wealth of nice  toys in a home we can afford in a terrific location (if you consider the ghetto terrific).... and the sweet and gentle dog who only my boys adore.


  1. I'm well acquainted with "following from in front." Thanks for the phrasing.

  2. The front following frustrates me and my jaw tenses each time. If it were an adult, I am sure I would say "Excuuuuuuuse Me" employing a tone to imply my discontent.

  3. ha! you love that dog too, don't you?


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