Monday, November 30, 2009

California Dreamin

I snapped this picture yesterday while lost in Glendale and searching for our friends' home.  Just looking at the picture calls up the song by the Mamas and the Papas, California Dreamin'. We have visited these friends (and godparents to our boys) countless times. Getting lost normally adds to my edginess.  But, because of outstanding weather, this was not so bad and when I took the time to LOOK OUT THE WINDOW,  look what I saw.  Even with dense smog, the sky and the palm trees are great reminders of my best decision ever; moving to the west coast.  The weather here is ideal this time of year, hovering in the low 70's, sunny, dry and breezy.  Not so great for those living in the fire prone areas.  But, especially pleasing for those having oily skin and cowlicky hair who live closer to the beach, safe from the destruction of those hard contain blazes that thrive in this weather.  Maybe I was a  blazing fire in my other life.  That would explain a lot.

On these days, my hair is straight and calm and my skin free from the slick shiny coating that photographers politely refer to as  "light reflective skin".  This climate permits anything you want or need to do in or out of the house.  It is a terrific motivator, to feel fresh and attractive and comfortable.  I cringe as I imagine living in Seattle where I might get less done(maybe impossible) and suffer longer periods of greyness both in my head and out of doors.  So, what will I achieve today, you ask?

Well, I dropped in on all my favorite blogs first thing this morning and left comments I feel pretty good about.  I discovered a nifty new one but must revisit before offering it up.   I cleaned the house, enrolled my 3 year old in the program of my first choice(worried for months we wouldn't make it).  I played with little Bert, indulged him in a long and playful bath and survived a stressful meeting with the school district.   If only the weather could present a kitchen stocked with spices and fresh whole foods and some skills to create a healthy and tasty dinner with no mess to clean up.  Thank goodness for Bertolli,Trader Joe's salad kits, and my kitchen cleaning star, Andy.
Oh, and best of all, the moons and stars aligned allowing a good great friend and I access and availability to each other, while contented children played nicely as we caught up.  Blogging is often the only frivolous adult conversation I have.  So now, with a meaningful and live conversation freshly under my belt, and the impeccable weather, I am having and blogging thoughts free of cynicism or underlying rage.


  1. Glad to hear that you are enjoying the california weather ;) As I write this, there is a blizzard outside!! Ahhh, Alberta weather ~ good times.

    So great when the universe allows us to spend time with friends. Good for you ;)

    Great post, as always.
    Thanks for all your comment love.

  2. Ha! "Light reflective skin." Check.


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