Monday, November 30, 2009

Hooray for the Holidays...Never thought I'd say it

Having been raised with no real celebration or decoration rituals, I am useless when it comes to planning and decorating  for holiday festivities. Our little Ernie turns three in a few weeks and is delighting in the decorations, Santa's visit and our family stockings. It is the first real Christmas, in which he  has anticipation and appreciation for the people and the decorations that will decorate our holiday. While we are not in a position to buy much for Christmas, it seemed imperative that we focus on the rituals and decorations, as it should be.  I was so excited that Randy agreed to begin hanging the lights first thing Friday morning.  We decorated a little each day and will enjoy it until exactly December 26.

Maybe once I become an accomplished holiday decorator, I will be able to do it on a shoestring budget picking up ornaments and such at thrift stores and garage sales like I do everything else...or maybe we will have bazillions of dollars and I will shop nifty little boutiquey stores. For now, I have been both overwhelmed and satisfied with the offerings of Target.  BUT,If we do come into bazillions, I just decided that, as a vision-less holiday rookie,  I shall copy the Pottery Barn Tree from top to bottom.

This year, I wanted only that it be nice, EASY and fun for our boys.  I am so very proud of the tree on their dresser and the almost 5ft wreath on the front of our house.  It is all very simple, if not primitive and we are all pleased with the turn out. What pleases me more is the fun we had working together and are each excited about "our" Christmas.  Tonight after dark, I hope to take a picture of the giant wreath that we strung with lights and decorated with red balls.

Here is the picture of the boy's very own tree.  (We also decorated their room for Halloween but I was too tired to brag, smile, or blog about it.)

Ok, 6:30pm.  Here is the wreath.  I can't tell which I feel more awkward about, the showcasing of my wreath or the photography.  I am proud of each for my effort and look forward to developing skills in wreath adornment and journalistic photography.  Happy Holidays.  I mean that.  No really.  I do.


  1. Awesome! I've just started decorating and I think it is wonderful for kids. We don't have much, but every year we get a little more and slowly it adds up.

  2. Aw man, now I want a wreath! I have a charlie brown christmas tree again this year. (Why are Christmas trees so damn expensive?!)

    Anyhow, thank you for commenting on my blog! I tried to read your Starbucks post but the link wasn't working for me for some reason.


  3. New post soon!

    & no, link still not working. It may be your archive HTML because it's only loading up the image.

  4. I love the pics, and the decorating !!
    Great job, thanks for sharing. ;)


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