Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Each day around noon, we play in the front yard .  The flower beds and the water table are choice activity areas on warmer days (Thank you SoCal weather).  Since making mud and soaking everything is often the mission, I allow the boys to traipse around naked....yes, in the front yard.  Wait, to be honest, I don't so much "allow it" as I suggest it.   Perhaps a little trashy. But whatever.

Anyhoo, today, Ernie(almost 3) went inside to get a snack  AND to push all the buttons on the dishwasher and washing machine, flaunting his disregard for our water  crisis.  He returned (still naked. yay.) clutching a flat of boysenberries and a 2 lb package of Swiss cheese under his arm.  Surprised and tickled by his deviation from standard juice box and goldfish, I joked, "Wait, you forgot the Perrier".  My little sophisticate paused only for a moment before dismissing my remark.  As a champion of detail and order, I suppose I should not be surprised if next time, he returns with plates and a checked blanket on which to spread the delicacies. 

Eating berries naked on the front or the back porch has been a favorite of Ernie's for the last year or so.  Today, however was the first time he and Bert (age 1) have enjoyed it together.   Their effortless and exemplary posture, little grasping fingers stained blue, busily jamming berries in the vicinity of their mouths using their palms more than their fingers.  What a moment.

This absolute void of modesty.  If only I could have stopped gazing long enough to grab the camera and take a picture.  I think one of those black and white snap shots, maybe from behind them or off to the side.  In my experience, the task of retrieving our camera with the world's longest delay tends to compromise the very scenario I aim to capture.  So, why not just sit and enjoy it?

I am captivated by their plans and choices (berries and cheese that is not the individually wrapped American kind) as much as their naked little bodies. I wonder at exactly what age unfavorable bumps,lumps, bulges begin to appear......that hateful descent from perfection to humanity.  I fear more than a couple of genetic time bombs are patiently waiting to go off.  For now, they are physically flawless:  shapes, proportions, skin, noses, hair, lips, teeth. They will always be perfect. But...........

People are just much kinder to you when you are nice to look at (free from lumps and crooks that require overlooking), initially anyway.

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