Thursday, October 22, 2009

Laughter Returns

A friend of mine has loaned me the latest David Sedaris book, When You Are Engulfed By Flames. Hysterical.  While not one has made me laugh more than his first, Me Talk Pretty One Day, I adore him and will continue to read and savor every precious, hysterical uttering of his.  One of my favorite quotes by him regarding his father and his own self loathing:  "The only thing my father and I share is our contempt for me".   I think it was just after his dad discovered him smoking out in the basement at age 20 something,  unshowered, unemployed, and living at home.  I love that he expressed this in a tone void of despair.

I have been a sucker for a good laugh and have put up with a lot of shit from people simply because we made each other laugh.  Then I realized, lots of assholes are funny and had to set the bar a little higher.  Because lots of very nice people are funny as well.

At this time in my life, I still require good and frequent laughter and am grateful for my friends and a husband and even 2 youngsters who possess and enjoy great humor, or at least my brand.  And I must give thanks to my blogging colleagues(haha).  For each of you makes me laugh and smile and never cry(in the hurtful way) and that is what I love about our relationships.  I benefit from your loyalty and your wit at times when I might otherwise feel alone.  XO

Also, a special thanks to Chelsea Handler and Bill Maher as I am finally able to sit down and chip away at my DVR cues for Chelsea Lately and Real Time. Love Love Love them.


  1. I used to watch Chelsea when I had cable... don't anymore :(. I miss her, she's hilarious !

  2. As of July, I have cable for the first time in my life. She is new for me and has come at the perfect time. I so want to be her BFF and she mine.

  3. I love David Sedaris and haven't read this one.. thanks will get it.

    Have Handlers book to read too.


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