Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Thank Goodness for My Deep and Clever Friends

Hi Maggie,

I've taken up blog-reading as a full time job now.  I guess it makes me feel I'm still part of society. I've picked up reading a reluctant mom again, and found Free Range Kids through her.  I'm even reading dooce, but I think she's too cool for me.  For some reason, I feel like she's part of the "in-crowd" and I'm just eavesdropping.

I've decided to trade my car in for a Prius.  Even trade.  I'm looking at my big SUV that gets 10mpg every day, and I'm just wrought with guilt.  Besides, it's such an obnoxiously over-priced, uber luxury car, and I believe driving it has tainted a part of my soul.  Okay, maybe a little overboard, but how am I going to teach my kids about value, frugality, and the important things in life if I model a materialistic, consumption-driven lifestyle.  I've wanted a prius since 2005, but Stuart was against it. Why in the world did I think I could trust his judgment of what is right for me?

There aren't any good jobs out there.  The only jobs available are in places where no sane mother would think to raise biracial children.  Stuart keeps dreaming about remote places with high salaries, forgetting that he is married, with children.  Why do I have to remind him: "no, that is the whitest place in America." "No, they stone gay people there." "No, that place is hotter than hell." "No, I don't want our children to learn creationism."

He's applied to Portland, Oregon at my insistence (he thinks the job is beneath him because it is Kaiser).  I'm keeping my fingers crossed that we will hear from them this week.  As much as I miss you and all my friends in LA, I don't want to go back.  It's just not the right place for us.

Oh, just so you know: Matt still doesn't say his "s" yet.  He use to call Bosco, Dado.  Now it is Baco. We though Dado was really cute, but when we tried it, boy did he get upset.  "NO, it's Dado, not Da-do!"  

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