Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Anteater in the Bath

I continue to model/feign non-fear of spiders.   With Spider season upon us, they are plentiful.  I must be doing a good job of not infecting the boys with my phobia.

Daily spider spotting dialog:
Ernie:   "Hold spider Momya ?"

Me:  "You will have to hold him with Daddy because he likes them and Mommy is a little startled by how quickly they move"

Ernie:  "Momya too dartled. Piderz doo faaaaaast.  Dadya yike piderz."

Ernie:  "Hold piderz nao, Momya"

Apparently my reaction to the Pterodactyl of a mosquito eater in our bath tub last night was not one of fearlessness.
After obliging Ernie's suggestion of beast apprehension with a cup, we released "it" to the backyard. Ernie committed the rest of the evening to whimpering  "No more anteaters in the baff, Momya".

Even after seeing  pictures of both anteaters and mosquito eaters on the computer, he is still, this morning, verifying it's absence and whining "No more anteater in da Baff".

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