Friday, September 11, 2009

So Many Sisters

I started this blog as a place to share some of my sillier moments and ideas.  These are the kinds of things I would want to tell my sister but cannot because there is too much unresolved trouble between us.  Rather than crying over what has not been or what may never be, I decided to celebrate those who are and have been true sisters to me.  I am not sisterless and never have been.  Even if my female sibling and I are unable to make peace between us.

This blog is meant to help me take note and to celebrate my sisters, those of you who reach for my hand, physically and metaphorically(and electronically), in times of struggle. With you: I am safe to weep, question, apologize, forgive and grow. Because of you, I see the simple beauty of this world. Because of you, I will look more closely and for longer periods at the good. You are my sisters. Thank you. What would life be without you?

It seems odd to admit.  But if I cannot cry with you, I cannot laugh with you.  Not really, anyway.

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