Friday, September 11, 2009

Going Both Ways

I have this friend whom I shall call Mel. What I revere most, is Mel's ability to maintain composure at ALL times. Positively Unshakable. Mellow.

While this is a gift to all (there are many) who rely on her, it often frustrates her husband. As always, the quality we benefit most from in another can send us over the edge at times.

So, while Mel remains emotionally cool under fire, she remains emotionally cool period. She is loving and sweet.... and unemotional. This assurance of hers, often affords her husband (whom we'll call Jon) the luxury of getting away with murder. Still, Jon, in some instances frets that this same steadiness might be an indicator of how little she cares.

His vulnerability  presents when she fails to jump from her seat and skin to engage in intimacy. Mel enjoys and contributes to frequent acts of you know what. However, she does not get all " Ohhhh, honey I think I will die if I can't have you right this minute". You see, she lacks the composition that drives sentiments of "I'm going to die if..." And this is the price you pay for having a perpetually calm and composed wife....the one who always believes that everything will be ok.

Something to consider. That's all.
What is it about you, that your partner both loves and hates? Feel free to share in the form of a comment. Thanks.

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  1. My talking. When he's uncomfortable in social settings, I can be counted on to talk us through it, and my gab factor is considered an asset. When it's 11:47 p.m., and I have to just say one more thing (for the 7th time since first saying I had just one more thing), I'm pretty sure he wants to lob off my head.


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