Monday, September 28, 2009

Give Me a Break

I preface this entire entry by saying that there are only a few hours separating my next period from  me.  Actually, this entire entry is a preface for the entry to follow.

I am sleep deprived,bored out of my fucking mind from the prohibitive schedule for my boys that excludes all adult interaction geared to meet my needs.  I have remained home with 2 sick and teething babies 24/7 for the last 10 days.  The only interlude: a 3 hour visit with the dentist and her drills, sadly a much needed change of pace. 

I LOVE raising my boys Having even a small amount of waking hours to myself and/or with friends would make it more enjoyable.  Also, a little expendable cash for a sitter or housekeeper every once in a while would be outstanding.  In  justifying my need to Andy, I clarifiedLoving it doesn't make me enjoy it 24/7.  Even sleeping, eating my favorite foods, playing volleyball, reading, and having sex would lose their appeal if done in this fashion.  This is in no way a measure of the comfort and satisfaction of  being there for Ernie and Bert(as well as the other choice activities mentioned). I'm Just Sayin...........

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  1. Makes perfect sense to me. We all need a break sometimes, even from those things we love.
    Good luck xx


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