Monday, September 28, 2009

The $60 terd!

This morning, after earnest attempts to secure bribes for pooping in the toilet, Ernie looked soulfully into my eyes and said,  "I will keep trying, Momya."  What a little angel pie.  He has decided in the last few months that we are to be called Momya and Dadya.  I like it.

No poop in the pot today.  Maybe tomorrow.  It should be duly noted that on the way to Stride Rite recently, we stopped in the Disney Store.  (Stride Rite, our sole splurge:  Good shoes for growing feet: a MUST.)  Anyway, while cruising the conveniently adjacent store, he spotted only one toy that he wanted, so badly, to take home.  "Momya take home?  Momya take home?", he begged innocently.  It was $60. After hearing that Daddy would be sad if we got it without him, he agreed to wait.

After receiving notice of the "Pit Crew" toy air compressor and tool set, Dad coolly suggests it as a reward for pooping in the toilet.  Promptly one tiny and perfectly formed meatball was deployed neatly into the toilet.  With it arrived an expectation for immediate remuneration.   More than 2 weeks have passed.  Do you think it has happened again?  At this point all we can do is celebrate and reward the efforts.  They are in deed great.

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  1. For me, M&M's were my vice . . . I see the stakes have been raised =)


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