Friday, September 25, 2009

Consumed by EGGstacy

So I have been using a digital monitor to help determine when and if I am ovulating. You pee on it and wait 4 min. For either a smiley face or a blank circle to show up.  Maybe it is my imagination, but I think with each blank circle I see this week, I also detect an arm and middle finger sticking up from behind the circle's back...

Additionally, the dog licking your pee stick while you shower does not change the outcome.

This nugget of a post is really just an email from a friend who is never short on wit.
Thanks for your witty and unwitting guest appearance on my blog.  Come back anytime!
I see a big smiley face in your near future.  Oh wait, that is just your goofy husband after pranking you  in the shower.   xoxox
Blank circles suck!

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