Thursday, August 20, 2009

Its not personal

When people act kindly,it is because they are kind. The same can be said when people behave callously. I find myself frequently needing to be reminded of this. To this day(as if still a 10 yr old) when anyone crosses my path with what I perceive to be a sour face, I must convince myself, "It is probably not about me". People have bad days, lose jobs , friends, pets and family members. We sometimes feel ill or lonely or stressed for reasons unrelated to and unknowable by another. I hope we will develop, in our boys, enough sense of self that they may be spared this haunting sense of paranoia/(responsibility for actions of others).

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  1. It's tough to remember that the way another person "is", is probably not about "me".

    Where I live, thre is a lot of traffic congestion. When someone cuts me off or beeps or is just aggressive in their driving...I remind myself to not take it personally.


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