Monday, July 20, 2009

morning breath

OH, the magic of baby’s breath, even in the morning.
I am consumed by my smile as I survey the breathing patterns of my 10 month old. Because:   1) Breathing is verification that he is still alive and thus a failed attempt of my previous life to reclaim me by snatching goodness away 2) Even with no words my baby and I connect and communicate with each other:
He, with his is rapid breathing, flapping hands, and  giant grin welcoming my approach. The lengthy sigh and slowed breathing when we read or sing to him. And the slow steady sound of rest.   
Me, by truly being there; making it my job to know and provide for his needs and desires.

With two children who are so uncomplicated, I have to wonder if typically, we all begin this way. Comfort and connection appear to be essentially all they need to thrive.   What  a privilege to have and to care for our children. 

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