Saturday, July 18, 2009

Kindness is confusing for me

So, I have great friends, each of whom I have shackled with my request to read this blog and offer feedback. The content to date is neither new nor fascinating. My hope is to gain skill in effectively sharing my ideas, perceptions, laughter, and yes, my PAIN in a way that is interesting ….or maybe just agreeable. My sweet sweet friends have offered the kindest feedback and all I really want is for someone to tell me all the ways it sucks. I prefer the scramble to be good enough. Compliments for me, unleash my trademark discomposure. From the years of non-operation, my receptacles for compliments and kindness are unsteady. As I free my receptacles from the dust and cobwebs, I await the notion that generous words can be both  intended for me and true.

There is so much kindness in my life. Just plain and beautiful goodness. I often feel that it is by mistake or misunderstanding that i am the beneficiary of so much compassion and generosity.
I think the other life is my real life.
I am pleased to say that the blog has brought me the 2nd IJoNC member. So, let’s say I never learn to write. Still, I have achieved something great. Thank you Roxanne for reaching out to meet me. Welcome to IJoNC.

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