Friday, November 23, 2012

Forgiveness and Detachment

I simply cannot get my head around a workable definition of forgiveness for those who righteously continue to behave unkindly and dishonestly, and whom I must continually deal with.

I am immeasurably more resilient to irritants and inconveniences/inconsiderations that 2years ago would have been deemed assaults and measures of my worth. Launching me further over the edge, polling people for affirmation for how badly he/she is entitled I am to let things ruin my days/years/life...and then waiting with impatience to be worthy of rescue.

Being right about things to justify feeling and living poorly is my brand of insanity. In my family f origin, if you kept someone in the wrong, all forms of mistreatment by the non-wrong were justifiable.

Today, I'm learning how to, when appropriate, say ouch and stop, without volume,accusation, and profanity . For those who assertively disregard my needs and limits, I choose detachment with an axe.... that is in fact progress. Treating them as co-workers whom I don't care for but can offer courtesy at best...

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