Wednesday, September 5, 2012

My New Practice

Interesting that in the few years before Alanon, my new years resolutions I joked were pathetic. I made one resolution for life, each year. I like them because I can not fail. I had reached a level of apathy where this was the best I could do. Here they are.

2006 Drink more water
2007 Eat more fruit
2008 Apply moisturizer and lotion
2009 Wear earrings and lip gloss
2010 I found Alanon and no longer need a new year to commit to a better me.

I still remind myself of these resolutions when I feel there is simply nothing I can do to make things better. These small but contrary actions elevate the quality and course of my days and my life.

One day at a time I get better, it gets better. I live, learn, change, love, and parent better than I ever imagined possible(for myself).

My life is as good as it is difficult. That's amazing.

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