Wednesday, September 5, 2012

My God

I'm so grateful for a spiritual program that encourages all views of higher power. My concept of higher power evolves as I write more, read more, and listen to others share. For me, today, the nuts and bolts of higher power for me lies in the collective wisdom of all those with whom I share in this amazing program.

Surrendering to God, for me, is surrendering my reactions in exchange for the Good Orderly Direction in the steps, slogans, CAL, sponsorship, and meetings. Surrendering to the facts. Cooperating with reality!

When I surrender my will and my ways, my life gets better....and that can only be the grace of GOD.

I still lack the language to fully discuss and share about my God. I feel like the word God has been claimed by the religious. So sometimes, I recoil at the term. I long for an authentic name for this. A word that authentically expresses this power that is transforming my life, one day, one moment at a time.

Having absolute confidence that my way brings chaos is the first part of my coming to believe. Having experienced the daily reprieve from crippling despair is a result of taking Good Orderly Direction and has given me this thing called faith. The faithless existence is no longer a choice I'm willing to make.

Through constant contrary action, my faith in this program and the goodness of life grows and I can't help but keep coming back. I want more.

We cannot think ourselves into a better life; we must live each day into better thinking.

Am I living myself into a new life? Today, I am.

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