Sunday, February 19, 2012


I'd like to share this powerful excerpt regarding authenticity, from Kristin Armstrong's Work in Progress

I have struggled in this area and every time I am tempted to play small or let fear plot my course, I think of my kids. I want for them to grow up strong and free and I want them to someday look back at mental snapshots of their mom and see a woman who was not afraid to be herself, a woman who loved deeply, wrote books and essays with words directly from her heart, spoke her mind, no matter who was listening, laughed her head off and lived life with joy and reverence.

I want them to prosper in healthy relationships with friends and spouses who solicit authenticity and encourage them to be everything they can be. It isn't enough to talk about an authentic life and hope our children find a way. We have to show them by living it out before their eyes.

I cry each time I read this.

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