Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Post It Note Tuesday

On a more postive note (nice use of pun)  yay me.
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How could you not?


  1. What the heck kind of preschool do your kids go to?????

  2. That Jack London, he was a subtle bastard wasn't he? LMAO. Love the quote.

    Broken household items? Really? WTF?


  3. Imma club me some inspiration later. And by "club" I mean spot it out at one of those ridiculous unlabeled joints down in DUMBO, offer to buy it a drink, slip it a roofie, then bring it back to Dirty Jerz and have my way with it. I'm pretty sure that's how Jack meant it at least.

  4. They use old household stuff.. not cool

  5. A spatula is a perfectly good sand toy

  6. I agree with PP: Spatula is awesome. You can also use it to club some of them inspirations. Now, I need some motivations to do my taxes. Later gater. xxoo

  7. Jenners, It is a two time accredited NPSS and NAYEC school at the federal building that underwent a change in directors. WE toured in the summer and it was magnificent. We began in January and I was hoping that I was just seeing it all wrong. It is a beautiful facility state of the art inside and out with great security...and it sucks. I rarely left Ernie there inspite of great cost. There is now some corproate intervention and heads did roll last week. And we are done.

    Household items do make terrifc sand toys, William, accept when broken. Then they become weapons of destruction.

    Ugh. Too tired to think about it anymore.


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