Thursday, February 4, 2010

Thank You Very Much Thursday

Thank You Very Much day:  a clever way to vent your frustrations on people/things that peeved you during the week, to thank them in a very sarcastic way, for what they have done for you.

Dear Driver of little German sports car,

This morning I was touched by your desire to be soo close to me. What, with my silly old mommy van. Previously I might have assumed you were, you know, better than me. It is cool that you wanted to stay right beside me. Because of this intimacy with you, I was able to intuit from your behavior that you wanted to occupy the safety zone I deliberately create for the car would have liked to go in front of me. What created confusion was that your hot little car with dealer tags would show no blinking indicator to confirm my suspicion. So all I could gather is that you liked me and were enjoying a sort of proximity that almost felt to be a nudge, or a shoulder bump. Like two twenty somethings at a bar…a great flashback to a time I sometimes think I could have only imagined. Thanks for that little trip down memory lane.

In my commitment to  your pleasure and mine, I maintained the two car lengths in front of me, only speeding up as needed to match your pace. In the end, I felt sad when without notice or blinker, you dropped back and committed to the giant space behind me. Was it me?  Was it something I did that led to our split.  That almost frantically sudden turn in your cute little car.  Was that to get away from me?   Anyway, it can get pretty lonely being a stay home mom with the babies.  So I thank you for my minutes of connection with another adult.  You must have sensed my need.  Thank you again for your generous consideration.
Take care. I hope you get your indicator fixed soon.

Up Yours,
Hottie in the Van


  1. LOL Sometimes people just don't think. I love your take on it!

  2. Love it! I seriously wonder about so many people when they are out there driving.. and obviously not thinking while doing so.

  3. Germans are the world's worst tailgaters!

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  5. I love the closing.. up yours..

    Seems everyone is having issues with drivers.

  6. I bet you make that mini van look good girl! Poor german sports car guy just couldn't help himself.


  7. I love Hottie in the Van.

    We all need these: Cure for Road Rage

    One of them has "Call me" on one side, and a blank space for your phone number on the other. ;-)


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