Thursday, February 11, 2010

Thank You Very Much Day

Thanks to KMama you too, may join in Thankful Thursdays♥ 
Thank You Very Much Day:  a clever way to vent your frustrations on people/things that peeved you during the week, to thank them in a very sarcastic way, for what they have done for you.

To the folks who, this morning, kept right on cruising, taking full advantage of the lanes left open for emergency vehicles:  
I believe the other cars, along with my own, were actually making way as signaled by the lights and sirens of the approaching fire trucks and ambulances. It would be nice if next time you would join us, all the way to the right. And, for the record:  I promise I did not for a moment wish that it were your home or family in distress. I did not.  Thank you very much for your regard for others.  Touching.

To LAUSD, Federal Government, Schwartzenegger, whomever:
Thank for dropping the bar so low for our children. What a compliment to be considered average when you score higher than only 7% of other children of same age. I think it is very relaxed of you to sit back and allow children to fail. By labeling failure average, you have magically eliminated a need for service.  Thank you also for rightfully putting the screws to the teachers,  because when a school is failing it is a reflection of the inadequate teaching skills and passion. If a school or district is outperforming a whopping 7% of all other schools, is this “within normal ranges”?  If a person's wage exceeds 7% of the rest of the population, are they within a normal and healthy range of succeeding?  Thank you very much for your interest in our children and future.

And to the sweet little Bangladeshi AT&T representative who tried with diligence to assist with my internet service disruption:  Thank you sooo much for keeping me company for the duration of my boys naps. Who knows what I may have done with some time ALL BY myself?  Seriously, don't even get me started. 

Up Yours,
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  1. Let's not fix problems let's just ignore them, why don't we.

  2. I HATE having to call to get problems fixed, can they seriously take any longer??

  3. Excellent use of your new favorite emoticon!

    I'd like to thank my uterus for making me long for a jagged rusty spoon and some brown liquor. Must. Find. Doritos.

  4. Ooooh, I'd like to thank Satan's birds that have created a nest outside my window and chirp and cackle all hours of the night. The night!

  5. Fix problems. How about we just stop the bleeding? Meeting with school team today sent me over the edge!

    As a die hard animal lover, I can't say it and mean it but I can say it. BB gun or ladder for relocation.♥

    Rusty spoon can seem an appropriate solution at times.

  6. WUV THIS!

    Why? You don't think Schwartz(...) - sorry can't spell his name still after all these years - is trying to fix the problem by having his celeb friends making commercials that air all over the country to get tourists to visit California? So all these average kids can grow up and find "average" job at tourism industry. We should thank him indeed for such foresight!!

  7. I am thanking my fucking socks that are not keeping me warm today.

  8. I'd like to thank my husband, who after seeing a dog take a ginormous poop on our lawn and watch his owner start stroll away, poop gliestening, said, "Can I get you a bag for that?"

    She ignored him, but still, I felt proud =)


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