Wednesday, January 27, 2010

What I Meant to Say Wednesday: Step up and Stay up

How cool is this???  Another "carnival"
from SupahMommy along with Chief'sHidingfromthekids.  Over the top funny.
What I said:  Honey, do you want to spend time with Ernie or feed Bert before bathing him?

What I meant:  Look, I've enjoyed these babies as much as a person can. Non-stop for the last 13.5 hours, opposing nap schedules and all. So watching you, after your "work day" which includes showering and shitting uninterrupted, time alone in the car and in the bathroom as needed, a seated lunch for an entire and predictable hour(probably with other adults) and... two SCHEDULED 15 minute breaks.  Watching you check out and feed yourself in solitude feels especially fucking unfair. Why do I have to nag and hound you?  Please adopt a new plan already:  Each night, try walking through the door with only these thoughts "what can I do?  what needs to be done?  who needs what?"  Okie doke?



  1. I am single, I love being single...
    and this is why!!!
    One less person to be frustrated with at the end of a long day!
    Passive-agressiveness is awesome hey?

    That was hysterical!

  2. That was fucking hysterical! And soooo true. I'm emailing it to my sister. You just put into words what she's been bitching about for the last month. Can you just casually let your husband read it? Hahaha.


  3. thanks spot and michele
    had to edit out the word a-hole. although it was funnier that way, it felt like a breech.

  4. It sucks that he just doesn't get it! I hope he does some day!

  5. Shit, I have said that to my husband!

  6. omg, tooooooooooooo funny and tooooo true! don't they get that "helping" is foreplay??!!

  7. Well put. Even my wonderful husband has the nerve to feed himself, check email and go to the bathroom alone.

  8. Well said and then knock him up side the head


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