Thursday, January 21, 2010

Hook Me Up

After watching this week's Cougar Town, I am on a mission to find and wear out some REO Speedwagon while making out with Andy, hopefully in his truck (or anywhere but home).

What is it about 80s music and public places that spark my I wanna hook up feelings?  I love those feelings.

Thanks for the much needed inspiration Cougar Town.  I just needed the right tunes.  Click here to get  the vibe.


  1. That show really does have some funny moments!!

  2. Magda... Hell yeah...steam up them windows.

  3. If the vans a rockin' don't come knockin'

  4. 80's music doesn't do that for me, but there are some rockers out there who do do do!

  5. ♪♫ Heard it from a friend... who, heard it from a friend... who, heard it from another you've been messin' around ♪♫♫

    You go, Girlfriend ;)

    Never heard of the show ~ I gotta crawl outta my cave and have a look around.

  6. Michele~
    Get over here now so I can make out with you.


  7. I love those feelings too. I really haven't gotten a chance to watch that show.

  8. Well for me, it's because they remind me of being a teenager and hell, I did alot of hooking up back then. *sighs wistfully*

    Enjoy your "parking". ;]



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