Friday, December 4, 2009

Hello Cupcake

4:57 am Thursday:  As a mother of almost 3 year old Ernie and 15 month old Bert, the occasions of birthdays and holiday celebrations have assumed new and magnificent meaning.  With Ernie's birthday only weeks away, I am searching do-able ways to make this "first "real birthday" memorable and happy for him.  (From my own childhood, I have some memorable ones, but no real "happy ones").
With deficiencies in experience, time, energy, and money,  I still remain excited, not overly confident... but inspired. 

Since we have no friends or family  Ernie likes his space and prefers quieter times, we are only inviting 3 families.  Because of his nap schedule, we are hosting a brunch event.  For his diminished fear and growing interest in bounce houses, we have decided to get one for the day.

For his fascination with Cookie Monster, I am pretending to plan to make the following cupcakes.  My husband often mocks my inclination to underestimate the totality of all tasks. 

But seriously, how hard can it be.   I have never made cupcakes, ever.  Primarily for lack of my cupcaked childhood, cupcaking mother as role model, and occasions to bake cupcakes.
Let's see.  What possible outcomes might the following equation yield with regards to "birthday party" throwing:
 desire + sensitivity + (possible)procrastination
inexperience x general lack of creativity x holiday demands

Hours of thought later:  Easy Peezy.  Mix Duncan Hines cake batter.  Pour into little papery cup things. Bake for specified time.  Wrangle Andy for his precision and detail orientation to do the rest cut slit and insert cookie after frosting and rolling with sprinkles. Observe. Manage. Micro-manage. Share cupcakes and story on day of celebration.

Must research how to make googlie eyes.

If you have read my post detailing my likeness to Martha Stewart(you can click here or here to read because I am soooo interesting and witty),  you will understand the significance of my intentions and apprehensions. 

Just returned from the market....with Funfetti cupcake mix and frosting.   Did not see googly eye makers or blue sprinkles.  Probably just as well since it is unlikely that I would have created the perfectly matched shade of blue frosting...or is it icing?  Whatever.  These colorful little confections will be ideal.

With an orange candle, his favorite people, and some pretty cool gifts, it will be perfect.  Affirmation:  Ernie just glimpsed this picture and exclaimed, "Look mamya, I like those.  I have one now?"  Thankfully, that is without having seen the cookie monster photo.  It is going to be a great celebration.

Who knows?  Maybe we will just make the cookie monster cupcakes for fun one day when there is no pressure of time or for party perfection.  Thank you Ernie for teaching me about celebration.


  1. I think that kids don't care half as much as we do about all of their party plans.

    Besides, funfetti cupcakes are the best kind!

  2. You will pull it off great! I threw a joint party for mine last spring when they turned 1 and 2. It was in early April and too cold to hold it outside, and I invited WAY too many people--and their WAY too many TODDLERS.

    I wanted to bake my own cake (which I'd never done) and it took 3 trial cakes to get two that weren't burnt. My red frosting "Happy Birthday" looked like a death threat, so I smudged it all to look "tie dyed." Then had to do the same thing with the girl's purple frosting so they'd match. It was still a little well done, but the kids didn't care.

    We also didn't have enough seating, but the kids loved having a picnic on a blanket on the floor (which I could then just shake outside and wash!).

    Bottom line: The kids had fun. The house survived and so did we. I'll probably be crazy enough to do it again.

    P.S. Congrats on three years of motherhood!

  3. Those cupcakes look like they turned out great! Have a great party! If you want more Duncan Hines recipes and tips, check us out on

  4. I think blueviolet is right esp at the younger age.

    I did get a chuckle out of " I am pretending to plan to make the following cupcakes."

    I do that all the time esp about house work.

  5. Princess Nagger didn't care what kind of cake or cupcake she had for her first birthday...she was more interested in smearing the pink frosting into her golden locks. All her subsequent birthdays so far it hasn't mattered what the cake was, just that there was one to eat. ;) This past birthday we did the funfetti cupcakes - no actual birthday cake, and she was fine with that, because all she wanted to do was eat cake (or cupcakes). :)

    The cupcakes you made look absolutely yummy! The fact that you want this first "real birthday" to be memorable and HAPPY speaks volumes. :)

    I love the phrase "I'm pretending to plan to make" - I'm SO going to use that in the very near future! ;)

  6. New here but had to comment!
    Sounds like you have planned a fab party. All those little babes care about is getting som cake into their mouths and what ever box your perfectly chosen gift comes in.

    Best of luck! Loved reading throughyour witty blog.

  7. I know all my son cares about is licking the icing. He could care less what it looks like ... as witnessed by the mess of a cake he had for his birthday this year ... that I made myself. I could have been on CakeWrecks but no one paid me.

  8. I agree with blueviolet!! They don't care half as much as we do. What IS important, and what they will eventually remember is a mom who took the "TIME" to make anything!


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