Friday, December 11, 2009

Dude, I Just Work Here

7:45am phone call to pediatrician's answering service:

Answering Servant:  Is this an emergency?
Me:  No,  I would call 911 for an emergency.  But I would like the Dr. to call me for what I consider to be an urgent matter.
Servant:  I have been instructed to only send messages for emergencies.
Me:  Isn't 911 for emergencies?  If I say it is an emergency, you will tell me to call 911.  If I say it is not an emergency, I am to call back after 9.  I am confused.  What is the point of the answering service?  You get paid to tell people to call back or to call 911?

Seems more efficient and kind to allow a pre-recorded message to spare people in need conversations of this nature.


I did finally grind the servant down and get through to my pediatrician who saw us right away.  Since technically, this is the blog where I am supposed to laugh and make merry, I will blog the diagnosis on the other.


  1. Good for you! Definitely need to stick it to the man!

  2. I agree... Good for you!

    Logic... a thing of the past?

  3. With you - I can't bear jobsworth types

  4. That would have bugged me as well. Good for you for getting it handled the way you need it. Hope everything is okay....

  5. My ped's office has a recording that says, "If this is a true medical emergency that can be handled by our staff, please press 1." Seems like kind of an oxymoron. If I have a true medical emergency I'm going to call an ambulance and fill your machine in on it later.


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