Monday, December 7, 2009

The Christmas Card Quandry

I have failed to find a picture this entire year that  sums up our life in '08 in anyway that is flattering.  So, while visiting Blue Violet, I followed her suggestion to get these personalized cards form Paperspring.   Originally, I tired tried to order for our entire card list. Because it says starting at only $1.29.  Yes, that is true... if you are ordering in large quantities, your quote may drop that low.  I chose different images for different people and therefore opted to order only for those who would enjoy and possibly hang onto cards featuring their own names rather than a picture of us.  The cards are gorgeous. I took advantage of the 20% discount which they have extended now until 12/13.  With free shipping and the discount it seems silly not to order at least one.  Once you check it out, you won't be able to resist.  Please let me know if you find that to be untrue.

As I mentioned, I cannot afford these for everyone and I do not have a picture ready to go. I lack the time and interest in sitting and writing our name and holiday wishes on still 30+  generic cards.  So far, this picture, I think sums it up best:  Ernie choking Bert, the dog's butt, an unrealistically small mess on the floor and my thong panties poking out of my pants(in the background as I try to ignore).

Good luck with your Christmas cards.  Please share any helpful ideas and suggestions.


  1. I love reading your articles. Good luck on your cards. My teenagers dread the Christmas card photo shoot more that a doctor's appointment.

  2. ooh...i loved the blue violets idea!!

    try can make your own for free and print off..

  3. I saw that link on her site as well. Very cool. ;)


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