Tuesday, December 8, 2009

And next I'll pick the lint from my navel

Do you remember back in the day when you were in the final hours before a big test and you understood perfectly well the consequences of promptly committing  to study or  to something more preferred? To this day, I embrace a slightly less hateful task with no time sensitivity.  One that has waited too long and could bare to wait still more.  I choose this to alleviate  the pressure of my immediate responsibility.

I tell myself that completing that first less hateful task will give me the confidence to attend to the one for which I am under the gun. I know that the undertaking of the first will  insure failure of the second task.  I can then pretend  lack of time is the "real" issue.

My preferred diversions include(but not limited to): Rearranging a room or closet. Balancing a checkbook. Detailing my car. Organizing a notebook. Re-copying notes for another subject. Updating address books and calendars. Who does this?

Right now, as both boys, yes both of them are(almost never) napping simultaneously, rather than picking through old but nice pictures for a potential holiday card, I am cleaning out my hard drive. What?

I found this letter from a few years ago. Ridiculous but true. I wrote and sent it.

Background info: A few years back, wanting a speaker for my ipod, I shopped around.  I searched fliers, coupons, specials... After finding the least expensive one, no tax or shipping and a $20 rebate, I justified buying a  new and frivolous item for myself.  My husband threw away the box before I had a chance to cut the UPC code off.  I needed that rebate to feel ok about my purchase.  I had to try.  So, I wrote the following letter.

September 8.2007
Dear Logitech Rebate Giver~
It seems ridiculous that I would even bother to write this…but I am optimistic. While my husband cannot get rid of a Gore-Tex trench coat from 1982…because he might need it, he is quick to throw away the box with all papers and warranties for a new electronic item purchased less than 2 weeks ago. Not only will this probably cost us 20$(along with the cost of the stamp for the request which will be understandably denied) it is also an added source of conflict between us. While you probably are unable to help us with the latter, I do hope you might consider issuing our rebate check without the UPC code. Sounds ridiculous. None the less, I implore your generosity. Thank you for taking the time to read my appeal. I look forward to whatever response you deem worthy.


No rebate was issued.  Shocker.   And I still  enjoy my ipod although I feel  compromised by the loss of the rebate and the arguing that resulted.  Not from the tossing of the box.  There is a symbolism(in the tossing of the box and the keeping of other items) that I should avoid thinking too much about.

Sitting at the top of my To DO List, the words  "Christmas Card Picture" mock my every wasted minute. 


  1. Wow! You called me a bastard (@ Vodka Logic) and I never even met you. How cool is that?

    I'm following. Even though you like country music

  2. Too bad that letter didn't work. But they definitely will try any way they can not to give back the money. In fact I think they count on most people not sending in the rebate in the first place.
    And yeah my Christmas letter is still on my too do list.. amazing how many other things I can find to do instead :)
    Thanks for your comments on my blog.

  3. Wow. Get out of my head. I just spent twenty minutes organizing my receipts into little tidy piles which I will now combine and shove in a drawer to someday enter into a spreadsheet before tossing them. I've managed to tape to christmas cards to my front door and I'm trying to convince myself that's enough decorating for this year.

  4. convincing? that is more than enough. i heart you!


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