Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Today could be a long one

2:30 a.m. Bert coughing and crying.  Hyland's  teething tablets and warm bottle of soy cause him to choke

2:34 a.m. round 1 with nebulizer while drinking bottle and playing with night light

3:15 a.m.  round 2 with nebulizer

3:20 a.m. Bert, wired from breathing treatments, climbing all over me coughing but cheerful

3:30 a.m. Bert yawning while foraging for markers and crayons.  He grunts for paper and commits to noisy dot making.  Bert is 15 months old.

3:40 a.m.  barking cough not improving.  freaking at possibility of Swine Flu even though fever free and barking cough not indicated as symptom of Swine Flu 

3:45 a.m. Following Bert's morning dose of suspended prevacid, I laid him beside frustrated Andy.

3:47 a.m.  Andy emerges claiming that Bert only wants me.  Not true.  He only wants someone who offers comfort 99 ways until comfort is felt.  Andy returns to bed to soothe himself Bert

3:51 a.m. Crying stops as Tara, (the less annoying dog) initiates her own fit of retching in her padded kennel.  Please don't fucking barf.

3:52 a.m. unlock kennel. Tara dashes through noisy doggie door.

4 a.m.  Tara returns through noisy doggie door to kennel,  probably barf free or she would attempt to roost on couch right in front of me where she is not allowed.


4:10 a.m. King Simon (our more annoying dog) snoring and farting on couch

4:13 a.m.  only another hour until coffee

4:26 a.m. Andy decides to begin his day leaving sleeping Bert in our bed.

4:52 a.m.  Wheezing Bert begins his day with continued loud dot making/ crayon pounding.  Andy does not support a trip to ER.  administered Boiron Aconitus Napellum.  

5am coffee

5:39 a.m. Intend to go to Whole Foods and buy several homeopathic remedies for use until Dr's office opens

5:43 a.m.  Looking forward to freecycling the giant box of unopened Homeopathic remedies in garage.

6:15 a.m.  Oh wow.  Are those menstrual cramps or is my stomach cramping in sympathy for Bert who just washed down  27 gold fish with 1.6 oz of Children's Tylenol?


  1. You poor thing. And that husband deserves a spanking.

    Hope you don't get sick too...

  2. Dr's visit confirmed croup and NO swine Flu. I was alarmed to hear that many cases of Swine flu are coming to him daily. There is apparently a lot of it out there. I guess the kicker is that it may be deadly for some while others will recover without treatment.

  3. Just reading this makes me exhausted.

  4. Yikes, that was a long night! I hope you get yourself some downtime and some great rest today!! Hugs o you!


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