Friday, October 2, 2009

We all need predictability

In previous posts, I have flaunted the unfortunate lack of care my dog receives, subsequent to conception of our first child.
Which, I wonder,  is more compassionate?

Walking King Simon infrequently and thus creating the hope or expectation (for him) that going on walks still exists
Termination of walks altogether to minimize anticipation and pacing my heels at said walk time?

I know!  While he awaits my final determination regarding his walks,  I shall continue to feed and water him at erratic times while frequently relocating his food and water bowls (my intent:  to conceal them from Bert, who enjoys scattering kibble while snacking on it).

Why ever is he such a nervous mess?  Let's see.  He is a lap dog.
No more lap space.
Previously accustomed to morning and evening walks.
Now periodically, on days with names containing the letter "r"
at any given time for either 1 block or 4.
He previously enjoyed eating routinely in the morning and evening
in the same accessible location.
Sooo.....What's wrong with mixing it up a little? 

Your thoughts?

My poor little stinky mess.  If love is what you do
and not only "what you feel" , as I have reasoned ,
then I have not shown you love in quite some time.
Maybe I will buy you flowers or try to have sex with you later to show "my love".
Oh wait.  Love is what we do to meet another's needs in spite of our own.

And maybe I can start moving your bed around too, or just place it outside.


  1. King Simon is not getting the royal treatment. You should get him a jester.

  2. True. True. But, then I would be responsible for either the care or neglect of the jester as well.


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