Saturday, October 17, 2009

Got Talent?

To date, fortunately, nobody has ever asked me to list my talents.  I find it  worthy of consideration as it could be a question posed in some future interview and would leave me stumped, not a highly prized attirbute.

My Talents:   
  • I am an expert at using indiscriminately large amounts of toilet paper.
  • I am a great and sincere apologizer.  I am prompt and glad to seek atonement.
  • Consistently, I time my trip to Target for a bar of Neutrogena at the precise moment that the last unit has been unearthed from the shelf, which leads me to my next talent:
  • I am a whiz at justifying purchases of unnecessary items (usually to comfort myself for having gone to Target for an item waiting to be re-stocked).
  • I am a wizard at making lists of all sorts (with the exception of this one, in which I attempt to name praiseworthy attributes of my own)
  • I am quick to make friends and alienate people, both equally effortless.
  • I was a fantastic on-line dater.  That is how I met my husband.  I think I went on 68 dates in 4 months before I met him.  I kept a spread sheet.  I love spread sheets.
  • I have a outstanding capacity for recalling minutiae in great detail.
  • I am a pro at brushing my teeth and gums too hard and fast.
  • I can shoot down a compliment in record time.
This post:  prompted by Nancy's super fun post "I Am Not Impressed" in which she lists a handful of her talents.  She, however. is actually quite talented.  Click here to go directly to her blog.  If Evolution Works

If you find yourself bored enough, give it some thought and share you're talents here.  Maybe it will help me to recognize some of my own.  Or maybe it will just make a few bloggers smile.


  1. I have a great talent for reading all the great blogs out there.

    That was a great list thanks.

  2. Damn, I thought I was the only one who had the TP talent.

  3. You're an AMAZING talent!! And we are so much alike ;)

    Glad you had fun with this!

  4. wow...that's a lot of dates in 4 months - the spreadsheet cracked me up.

    I'm good at...I can carry a lot of things at one time - I'm like the cat in the hat --except I don't fall!


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