Monday, September 7, 2009

Looooooonnnnnng Weeeeeeekendz

Apparently, after reading my Hot and Not post, Andy dedicated himself to being irresistible for our 3 day weekend. It is perhaps an understatement to say that a few long weekends and holidays have previously felt like overtime for me. Sharing in the frequently monotonous, daily household upkeep and baby raising is true partnership. The weekend, while uneventful, turned out in everyone's favor. Uh-oh, I just shot him a stink-eye for talking to me while writing. Must go redeem and repay gift of partnership. wink wink (5 minutes later) Just got shut down. Oh well, I tried. It was still a weekend better than most. Oh, the cruel irony of being cold to someone in order to finish writing about how much you treasure them....Must go for 2nd attempt to make nice. (2 minutes later) Nope


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